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The Beer Pioneer Subscription Box

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Craft beer discovery made easy. Monthly discovery 8-packs starting from S$69.

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A mix of 8 kick-ass core, seasonal and limited batch beers from around the world

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You'll get 8 different and fantastic beers every month, starting from S$69.

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Choose from either our Discoverer, Explorer, or Pioneer discovery boxes.

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We got you – whether you're feeling adventurous or just after what you love.

Sit back and relax

We deliver islandwide the next day. Subsequent beers are delivered at the start of each month.

Enjoy your new brews

We source from all over the world. Europe, UK, Australasia, North America, as well as the odd local brewery to boot.

Rate and review

Give us feedback on your beers so we can give you more of what you like. Cancel at any time without hassle.

Devil's Peak
Ballast Point
Brew York
Pirate Life
Deeds Brewing
Magic Rock
One Drop
Stone Brewing
Tempest Brewing
Off Day
Garage Project
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Yona Yona
Yeastie Boys
Moon Dog
Pomona Island
Blasta Brewing
Bridge Road
Collective Arts
Rocky Ridge
Sailors Grave
3 Ravens
North Coast Brewing Co

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Monthly treat

Quick service and a good range of beers! Always happy to send over an extra pack if I run short!


The best service around!

Can’t recommend Beer Pioneer enough, whether you are a craft beer lover looking to discover new beers or someone new to the scene looking to try different brands/styles. You will not be disappointed!!!



I’ve enjoyed every box over the past 12+ months and lock-downs wouldn’t have been the same without this service.